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BMW Cars


  • (3.8/5)
upto 9,50,000
38,98,056 Onwards EMI starts from 65,280

BMW 5 Series

  • (3.9/5)
72,17,494 Onwards EMI starts from 1,20,870


  • (3.9/5)
upto 4,00,000
71,09,857 Onwards EMI starts from 1,19,067

BMW 7 Series

  • (4.4/5)
upto 20,00,000
1,26,39,086 Onwards EMI starts from 2,11,664


  • (3.9/5)
upto 6,00,000
85,22,913 Onwards EMI starts from 1,42,732

BMW 3 Series

  • (3.7/5)
upto 7,00,000
57,88,530 Onwards EMI starts from 96,939

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

  • (4.2/5)
upto 12,00,000
46,68,074 Onwards EMI starts from 78,175


74,73,781 Onwards EMI starts from 1,25,162

BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo

upto 12,00,000
77,07,255 Onwards EMI starts from 1,29,072


1,25,53,064 Onwards EMI starts from 2,10,224

About BMW

BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) was established in 1916, and is a German Automobile Manufacturing Company. It’s based in Munich, Bavaria and is one of the top three luxury car manufacturers in the world. BMW India is a subsidiary of the BMW Group and was founded in 2006. BMW cars available in India are;
- BMW 3 Series Sedan
- BMW Gran Turismo
- BMW 5 Series Sedan
- BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
- BMW 7 Series Sedan
- BMW M760Li
- BMW X1
- BMW X3
- BMW X5
- BMW X6
- BMW Z4 Roadster
- BMW M3 Sedan
- BMW M4 Coupe
- BMW M6 Gran Coupe
- BMW X5 M
- BMW X6 M
- BMW i8

The BMW Group India has three brands, BMW, MINI AND Rolls-Royce. The BMW manufacturing plant in India is in Chennai, set up in 2007, while its main headquarters and training centre is situated in Gurgaon NCR. A plant warehouse is situated in Mumbai and the dealer organizations are spread across major metropolitan centres of the country. BMW also understands the importance of finance and therefore BMW Retail Finance Products offer a range of car finance options that are customized to fit the customers’ needs and requirements.

BMW Leasing is also made available so that one doesn’t have to shy away from driving the car of their dreams and can simply just pay a customized rental that’s customized to suit their needs, for a fixed period of time. One can also buy BMW Pre-owned cars from BMW itself. This guarantees that the customer receives only the best that there is, because BMW would make sure to do complete justice to its brand name and reputation of being the best. Some of the various benefits of owning this luxury brand are, a minimum 12 month BMW warranty, 360-degree technical and optical checks, approved service history and vehicle history, financial services and trade-in offers.

This brand has a strong base that has only grown which has multiplied their customers and goodwill. The BMW family continues to grow because of its strong work ethic and utmost customer dedication. There is nothing left to doubt or question since the BMW spokespersons aim at making the customers vehicle related problems disappear, with a commitment like no other coupled with their very high sense of dedication.