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What is covered under car insurance?

We provide the Best In Class Car Insurance Services that not only protect the car, but also protect the owner. Having a car insurance is mandatory and understanding the importance of insurance is also one of the most crucial aspects of purchasing a new or a pre-owned car. Our insurance services safeguard the buyer and are sure to make them feel secure and confident about their choice. Our insurance policies cover.


A minor error in judgement can cause a major accident. But don't worry, we’ll take care of the damages to your car everytime.


It’s scary to see your car catch fire! But we’ll cover damages caused to your car due to the ones resulting from self.


Finding out that your car is stolen can be an absolute nightmare. But we’ll pay you your car’s Insured Value.


Natural and man-made calamities can wreak havoc. But we’ll cover damages caused to your car because of earthquake, riots, etc.


Car accidents can result in injury to, and death of any third party, while also damaging property. But we’ll cover damages to third-party losses.


We’ll cover you for death and disability caused by an accident, even if someone else was driving your car during the mishap.

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What is not covered under car insurance?

However inclusive we would like insurance policies to be in India, there are just some things that insurance policies don’t cover. Those things are.


If you drive without a valid driving license, or under the influence of alcohol and/or other illegal substances, you will not be covered.


Consequential damages or liabilities that arise due to car accidents will unfortunately not be covered also Wear & tear, breakdowns, failures.


Damage to tyres, tubes, and engine is not covered unless they are damaged due to an accident. Donec et vehicula diam, volutpat viverra enim.


It’s time someone answers the most Frequently asked Questions regarding Car Insurance and we are here to make sure that all the doubts solved! Given below are FAQ’s that are sure to address any question one may have regarding Car Insurances.

Car Insurance is the insurance one gets for their car, against unforeseen accidents and risks. This is done in order to providemonetary protection in case ofunavoidable expenses by offering cover against, financial expenses caused by accidents, theft, other liabilities, etc..

The different types of car insurances are:

- Third party Insurance: Under this type of insurance only damages to the third party are covered. This type of insurance is mandatory under the law and getting compensation for the damages to the car is not possible.

- Third party fire and theft: This is the same kind of insurance as the Third party insurance but along with that, this insurance would also cover the costs if the car is stolen or damaged in a fire.

- Comprehensive Insurance: Under this insurance the car is protected from any unforeseen event except collision and also the losses suffered in an accident. This is the highest level of insurance one can get for their car.

The Comprehensive car insurance is the best car insurance policy because it covers third party liability and damage.

It is very safe to buy car insurance online, in India. There are various car insurance companies as well as third party insurance websites that sell car insurances online.

If a second hand car/used car/preowned car is being bought, it is important to check if the previous owner had the car insured. If the insurance is valid, it could be transferred to the new owner’s name within two weeks. If there is no valid insurance, then the new owner can buy a Used Car Insurance for the car.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act it is mandatory that all vehicles that are operating in public spaces have a motor vehicle insurance cover.

A few ways to make car insurance cheaper are:

- Maintain a good credit record.

- Research about insurance policies available.

- Try to purchase homeowners and auto coverage from the same insurance company.

- Compare insurance costs