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Datsun Cars

Datsun Redi GO

  • (4/5)
3,58,549 Onwards EMI starts from 6,005

Datsun Go

  • (4.3/5)
5,29,391 Onwards EMI starts from 8,866

Datsun Go Plus

  • (4.1/5)
6,22,585 Onwards EMI starts from 10,426

About Datsun

Datsun came into India around the 2013, after being phased out of the Global automobile market for 3 decades. It was officially revived by its parent company, Nissan. The main headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. The Datsun re-launch with its car, the Datsun-GO in India took place in Delhi, and sale began in the first few months of 2014. The Datsun-Go was built at the Renault-Nissan plant located in Chennai, India. The Dastun cars available in India are:
- Datsun G0
- Datsun Redi-GO
- Datsun GO Plus

Datsun is now known as a trustworthy, reliable and durable brand. It’s attractive to the youth and their vehicles send out a message of freedom to the young risers along with a promise of mobility and social access to opportunities.
This brand has instilled a spirit in the youth that not too many brands have been able to provide.

The re-launch of this brand has robustness and confidence as a very important base, that helps provide a sense of success in a new world. Datsun has been about providing a relevant brand that draws from the global technological know-hows and expertise in engineering and styling. It makes the young risers feel as though they can access their dreams with the help of this brand by providing conventions like ways to buy cars, services, ownership, etc., further deepening their trust in their belief system.

Nissan Motors India Private Limited doesn’t fail to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility and therefore various projects and programs are taken up that are focused around ‘Enriching People’s Lives’. They work towards developing a sustainable and mobile society along with providing unique and innovative products and services that aim to deliver value to all of their stakeholders. Their programs encourage employees to take up volunteer activities that help educate and raise awareness about social issues across the underprivileged sections of society.

Datsun cars are fast rising and their value is increasing in the eyes of the young customers. Their cars are easy and trustworthy, along with being modern and versatile at the same time. Datsun is focused around their customers and their drive to become better is what sets it apart from the others.

Datsun Care is an initiative to offer complete peace of mind to the customer with the help of benefits like 100% Maintenance coverage, 24x7 roadside assistance, extended warranty and India-wide acceptance. Genuine Accessories are provided and the customer can be completely reassured because of the honesty Datsun provides. This brand is slowly climbing the ladder to the top and it’s like a breath of fresh air in the Indian Automobile Industry. It is a part of the change the Country has been waiting for.