Ford Cars

Ford EcoSport

upto 50,000
11,06,117 Onwards EMI starts from 18,524

Ford Figo

upto 80,000
7,47,050 Onwards EMI starts from 12,511

Ford Endeavour

upto 1,50,000
32,15,393 Onwards EMI starts from 53,848

Ford Mustang

96,07,165 Onwards EMI starts from 1,60,889

Ford Freestyle

upto 30,000
6,06,478 Onwards EMI starts from 10,157

Ford Figo Aspire

upto 15,000
7,10,095 Onwards EMI starts from 11,892

About Ford

Ford India Private Limited is a part of the Ford Motor Company in India. Having started as a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company of Canada, the Ford India Private Limited, shut down in 1954. It re-entered the Indian Market as Mahindra Ford India Limited in 1995, and in the first half of 1998, Ford India Private Limited was born. Ford is the sixth largest car manufacturer in India and continues to soar and produce amazing vehicles that are taking the Indian roads by storm.

The Ford vehicles are manufactured in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Sanand, Gujarat in India. Ford Genuine parts are available with the appointment of distributers in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Delhi. Ford Credit India was launched in 2015 as a dealer wholesale inventory and retail-financing as a non-banking financial company. It is highly reliable because of its clean load products at competitive rates, flexible terms and highly appreciated customer service.

Ford also continues to be an integral part of the Indian operations by helping generate employment and helping the economy, and helping in the Global Business Services. The Global Business Services provide aid and solutions is the Informational Technology sphere, Finance & Accounting, Automotive Financing, Material, Planning & Logistics, Product Engineering, Analytics, Purchasing and Marketing Sales and Service. Ford offers vehicles in all segments and all kinds of makes therefore catering to most of the classes and requirements. It is a highly popular and sought after brand. Currently the vehicles available are,
- Next- Gen Figo
- Aspire
- Mustang
- Eco Sport
- All-New Endeavour

Since its inception, Ford has only promised to deliver and does truly deliver only the best. It has won respect all over the country, because of its immense goodwill and zeal to provide for all. There are very makers in the country that emphasize on the public benefit and Ford truly is one of them. Futuristic technology and the commitment towards the customers at large is what makes Ford so popular and trustworthy. Having set an exceptional example and base for the other manufacturers and companies to follow, Ford continues to rule as well as guide the way for the many others.