Hyundai Cars

Hyundai Elite i20

upto 85,000
9,98,406 Onwards EMI starts from 16,720

Hyundai Grand i10

upto 1,00,000
5,03,046 Onwards EMI starts from 8,424

Hyundai Eon

upto 50,000
3,63,895 Onwards EMI starts from 6,094

Hyundai i20 Active

upto 85,000
7,72,007 Onwards EMI starts from 12,929

Hyundai Elantra

upto 2,00,000
14,72,161 Onwards EMI starts from 24,654

Hyundai Santa Fe

34,42,769 Onwards EMI starts from 57,655

Hyundai Tucson

upto 25,000
22,38,991 Onwards EMI starts from 37,496

Hyundai Xcent

upto 1,00,000
5,89,673 Onwards EMI starts from 9,875

New Hyundai Verna

upto 1,20,000
16,14,908 Onwards EMI starts from 27,045

New Hyundai Creta

upto 35,000
11,33,086 Onwards EMI starts from 18,976

Hyundai Santro

upto 10,000
4,65,813 Onwards EMI starts from 7,801

About Hyundai

Hyundai launched its first vehicle in India, in 1998 and within a few months of its entry in the Indian market, it went on to become the second largest automobile manufacturer and automobile exporter in India. Hyundai Motor India Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company. While being an important part of the global export hub, Hyundai Motor India Limited is also the largest passenger car exporter in India. It exports to 87 countries and continues to be India’s top exported since the past 10 years. Hyundai Motor India Limited has 475 dealers and over 1226 service points across the country, which easily makes it the most accessible and trustworthy company.

The Hyundai Motor Company is located in South Korea, while Hyundai Motor India Engineering is a fully owned subsidiary in India, which is located in Hi-Tech city region of Hyderabad in Telangana State. Research & Development is given high priority and therefore has a state of the art development facilities that make it so sought out for and popular. The research centers located outside of India are in Unites States, Japan, China and Korea.

The several departments that go into making Hyundai cars what they are, include; The Press Shop, The Body Shop, The Paint Shop, The Assemble Shop and The Engine and Transmission Shop. Each of these departments have their own unique roles and continue to work tirelessly to make every Hyundai vehicle perfect and unique.

Hyundai Motor India Foundation also initiated its Corporate Social Responsibility with the aim to give back to the society. The activities include Healthcare, Environment, Road Safety, community development among others.Social awareness is spread amongst children as well, considering that the future of the country lies in their hands and the right value system if inculcated in them is what would lead to a successful and sustainable development. ‘Save Our Heritage’ is the Happy Move program for India, for the year, as a step into creating a safe and happy world.

Hyundai has been an all-rounder in all spheres of its existence and won several hearts world over because of their strong belief system and the desire to give back to the society. Their vehicles are magnificent, but along with that comes the customer care and their service to the society which warms the hearts of their customers, while setting a good example on the country and its youth. The respect they shower on their customers is what makes them so special, along with the several outstanding qualities. Hyundai truly is one of the best in its league.