New Hyundai Venue FAQ's

Q. What is the exact on-road price of Hyundai Venue?
<ul> <li> S Diesel(Diesel)Rs.10.32 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Diesel(Diesel)Rs.11.43 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Dual Tone Diesel(Diesel)Rs.12.2 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Opt Diesel(Diesel)Rs.13.5 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Opt Dual Tone Diesel(Diesel)(Top Model)Rs.13.62 Lakh**</li> <li>E(Petrol)(Base Model)Rs.7.62 Lakh**</li> <li>S(Petrol)Rs.8.39 Lakh**</li> <li>S Turbo(Petrol)Rs.9.5 Lakh**</li> <li>S Turbo DCT(Petrol)Rs.10.75 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Turbo(Petrol)Rs.10.96 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Dual Tone Turbo(Petrol)Rs.11.12 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Opt Turbo(Petrol) Rs.12.53 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Opt Turbo DT(Petrol)Rs.12.64 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Plus Turbo DCT(Petrol)Rs.13.1 Lakh**</li> <li>SX Plus Turbo DCT DT(Petrol)(Top Model)Rs.13.27 Lakh** </li> </ul>

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