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Jaguar Cars

Jaguar XE

upto 6,50,000
45,05,600 Onwards EMI starts from 75,454

Jaguar XF

upto 5,50,000
59,81,035 Onwards EMI starts from 1,00,163

Jaguar XJ

upto 15,00,000
1,06,69,598 Onwards EMI starts from 1,78,682

Jaguar F-Pace

upto 3,00,000
88,42,243 Onwards EMI starts from 1,48,079

Jaguar F-Type

upto 6,50,000
1,58,07,861 Onwards EMI starts from 2,64,731

About Jaguar

Jaguar cars were introduced in the year 1936 in United Kingdom. But it has been around in the Indian Automobile Industry only since almost a decade. Ford was in charge of the Jaguar operation before they decided to sell its Jaguar and Land Rover operations to Tata Motors of India. This sale deal came through only on 2nd June, 2008 and that was its entry point in the Indian market. Jaguar Cars available in India are;
- Jaguar XE
- Jaguar XF
- Jaguar F-Pace
- Jaguar XJ
- Jaguar F-Pace
- Jaguar F-Type
- Jaguar I-Pace Concept

Besides selling the best cars in the world, Jaguar also offers benefits like 3 year/1,00,000 km warranty, whichever comes first. Assistance or service related feedback regarding the vehicle, in the form of customer feedback form and accessories that can be personalized to suit the customers taste and choice, specially designed for the car. They have an extremely cute concept of having pet accessories that are just right the Jaguar owners dog as well.

Jaguar cars also come with assistance from the Jaguar approved service centers and 24 hour roadside assistance, no matter the situation along with a 5 year service plan that is designed to simplify the customer’s needs. They are working hard to deliver the world’s safest, most reliable and most dependable luxury performance saloon, sports cars and SUV’s. This isn’t easy because of the neck to neck competition in the automobile industry. Jaguar has held its ground and continues to impress and perform exceedingly well. It is a successful brand that has won the mark of approval by their customers all over the country who have utmost faith in the reliability of their cars.

Jaguar cars are put under several tests to check the safety and engineering before they are even introduced to the world. They have also come up with the term Concept Cars that map the future of Jaguar. These cars combine technological advances, extraordinary design thinking, end-to-end sustainability and superior performance. Jaguar as a brand functions on the guidelines of three things, which are, corporate value such as integrity, Understanding, Unity, excellence and responsibility, secondly maintaining the Quality of the vehicle and the lastly keeping the Jaguar Heritage in mind, in order to inspire the future generations.

Jaguar also offers financial assistance in the form of a finance package that is customized to suit the needs of the customer and various other key features that help improve customer satisfaction and meet their requirements.