Maruti Suzuki Cars

upto 5,000
6,34,329 Onwards EMI starts from 10,623
upto 5,000
9,52,070 Onwards EMI starts from 15,944
upto 10,000
9,29,840 Onwards EMI starts from 15,572
upto 30,000
5,09,556 Onwards EMI starts from 8,533
upto 35,000
3,73,761 Onwards EMI starts from 6,259
upto 50,000
7,66,356 Onwards EMI starts from 12,834
upto 10,000
5,70,303 Onwards EMI starts from 9,551
upto 45,000
5,47,600 Onwards EMI starts from 9,171
upto 35,000
6,28,443 Onwards EMI starts from 10,524
upto 20,000
3,22,443 Onwards EMI starts from 5,400
upto 20,000
5,03,583 Onwards EMI starts from 8,433
upto 15,000
7,93,944 Onwards EMI starts from 13,296
upto 35,000
9,93,222 Onwards EMI starts from 16,633
upto 20,000
5,33,049 Onwards EMI starts from 8,927

About Maruti Suzuki

Maruti cars were introduced in India in February 1981. Initially started its journey as Surya Ram Maruti Technical Services in 1970, which went on to become Maruti Udyog. The association with Suzuki started in 1982. The first Maruti Suzuki car to be introduced in India was Maruti 800 which was based on the Suzuki Alto kei car which at that time was the sole modern car available in India.

Maruti is probably the most popular automobile brand in India, because of the immense trust that the people of this country have in their vehicles, customer care and credibility. Every Indian family at some point in their lives have owned one or more than one Maruti vehicle. Maruti Suzuki delivers the best in class features, after sales and value for money, other than providing futuristic and durable vehicles. This is probably why Maruti Suzuki continues to come up with newer versions of the already existing models, or better yet, brings in new models at regular intervals.

Having the largest number of sales outlets that count to 1820, spread across the 1471 cities in India, along with 3145 service stations spread across 1506 cities in India, beating all of its competitors. One of their biggest asset is their sales and after sale services, that are always pushing it to the top of the game.
In the recent years, Maruti Suzuki introduced NEXA which was a new dealership for the premium cars, marking its place in the premium range of vehicles as well. The first car sold through NEXA was S-Cross. Other than the already existing services, Maruti Suzuki also offers services like;
- Maruti Finance
- Maruti Insurance
- Auto Card
- Maruti Genuine Accessories
- Maruti Genuine Parts
- Maruti Driving School

Maruti Suzuki embodies policies like Environmental Policy, Occupational Health & Safety Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Procurement and Corporate Gifting Policy. Sustainability is given equal importance by providing environmental performance, social performance and sustainability reports. Lead by the most respected and foresighted group of people, Maruti Suzuki has reached an all new high with their loved vehicles and policies. The Goodwill that Maruti Suzuki generates is undoubted and almost untouchable. Their strengths include Technology, Range of cars, Cost of ownership and the widest network.