Mercedes-Benz Cars

upto 2,00,000
34,29,829 Onwards EMI starts from 57,439
upto 7,25,000
1,38,60,413 Onwards EMI starts from 2,32,118
upto 2,50,000
48,24,333 Onwards EMI starts from 80,792
upto 2,00,000
36,58,741 Onwards EMI starts from 61,272
upto 25,000
67,33,330 Onwards EMI starts from 1,12,762
upto 2,00,000
73,62,821 Onwards EMI starts from 1,23,304
upto 2,50,000
38,18,251 Onwards EMI starts from 63,944
upto 3,25,000
58,82,755 Onwards EMI starts from 98,517
upto 2,00,000
38,97,343 Onwards EMI starts from 65,268
1,12,48,773 Onwards EMI starts from 1,88,381

About Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz India Pvt Ltd is a wholly subsidiary of the parent company German Diamler AG, which was founded in 1994. The Indian headquarters is located in Pune, Maharashtra. It is one of the most famous and respected brand for luxury and commercial vehicles, all over the world. Mercedes Benz cars available in India are:

New Generation Cars;

- A Class
- B Class


- C Class
- S Class
- New E Class
- Mercedes-Mayback S-Class


Cabriolets & Roadsters
- S Class Cabriolet
- C Class Cabriolet
- E Class Cabriolet

SUV Ranger;

With respect and recognition comes a certain kind of responsibility and Mercedes Benz strives to fulfil that to their maximum capacity. Their services offered guarantee security and a sense of satisfaction. Exclusive features that come with their vehicles also add to their list of qualities that set their vehicles apart from the others in their segment. They have a range of service products that promise peace of mind and enable a certain kind of trust level in their customers, because of their credibility and reliability. These products include; STAR Ease Maintenance Packages, Advanced Assurance Program and On-Road Assistance. Their services also include Mercedes-Benz “Approved” Tyres, Digital Services Drive and Premier Express.

Mercedes Benz acontributes to their required share of Corporate Social Responsibility by providing for Health & Sanitation, Heath Check Up camps, rural development and welfare Environment and Conservation of Natural Resources. They determine to make the environment better and strive to fulfil their duties and responsibility as a trusted and successful Automobile brand. One of Mercedes-Benz’s largest Research and Development center outside of Germany is located in Bangalore and Pune, in India. This has therefore marked India on the map in association with this big brand.

The Assurance Program is another Initiative brought about by Daimler Financial Services India and Reliance General Insurance, India. This Program offers extended warranty that is valid on completion of the standard 3 year warranty. The customers can choose to extend it to the 4th or up to the 6th year, promising surety and exceeding standard expectations.

Just like post sales is taken care of by Mercedes-Benz, they look into the pre-sale responsibilities as well, with the help of Mercedes-Benz Financing solutions that is customized to the driving and financing needs and also offer Insurance solutions. Mercedes as a brand is in itself a world of luxury and the offer solutions, packages and cars that ensure happiness and reliability. They continue to exceed customer expectations and trust.