In light of the ongoing pandemic and with the restart of many units after several months of being shut down, Castrol has announced two initiatives to help the manufacturing companies with their lubricant related requirements. These initiatives are called Castrol Restart and Castrol Headstart.
The Castrol Restart is an initiative that would assist manufacturers to get their production back on track. It will also offer remote assistance and virtual technical support to the manufactures that are in industrial or heavy-duty spaces, in order to test the conditions of the lubricants that are with them. Since Castrol has a wide network, distributors and warehouses across the nation it would be very easy to provide the complete range of products along with being able to service all lubricant requirements possible.

The Castrol Headstart is a webinar series that shows the developments in the area of lubrication. These webinars are technical and interactive and are also aimed at keeping companies updated with the latest developments and also informing about the best practices in the area of lubrication. Various global experts from Castrol have come forward to engage in dialogue and touch upon subjects like heavy-duty engine oils, rust protection and also discuss specific topics like equipment manufacturing, sugar, etc. 

The reason for Castrol India Limited to put forth an initiative like this is to reinforce its commitment in delivering sustainable value while making sure that their customers get nothing but high-quality experience. Castrol India has always been there for their customers and this initiative is proof that their customers are priority even in trying times like now!

Such initiatives are sure to put the customers at ease because even if the representatives are unable to be there in person, they are present virtually. This does give the customers a sense of security by letting them know that the Castrol India team is always there to support, update, upgrade and guide when required.