Some of you who might be looking out to buy a new car know exactly how tempting it can be to just get a pre-owned/used/old car. While the others may feel that there are more than one reasons to get a brand-new car instead. There have been a few debates on whether it would be a better bet to buy a new or old car and both sides are justified.

Some of the major differences that can help make your life easy when it comes to deciding which way to go, are listed below;

1) Budget is one of the factors that helps decide what decision needs to be made. Once that is set it becomes easier on what needs to be done. So, cost of a new car vs cost of a pre-owned car is considered when one decides.

2) Dependability is another factor. It is true that new cars are way more dependable and reliable because they are fresh out for use. There is a very very slim chance that there would be kind of defect. While a pre-owned car comes with its complications. But it is also important to mention that with changing trends and higher service quality, pre-owned cars don’t face as many complications if maintained properly.

3) One big difference is that, newer the car, better the technology. It is essential to mention that newer models are always fighting to up their game in terms of technology. Pre-owned cars don’t have that advantage. It doesn’t matter how recent the manufacturing of the pre-owned car is. A newer car will always be one up when it comes to technology. Newer technology will also mean better mileage and lower emissions.

4) Pre-owned cars help save more money. Yes, it is true! This is because the dip in the depreciation amount in the initial years is already been dealt with by the previous owner. When he removes the car to sell it, you get it at a much lower rate than what they bought it at. It has become so easy to get reviews and consumer reports on cars now, that you can easily decide which pre-owned car will suit you the best based on that. Certified pre-owned cars make for another point to remember before purchasing a pre-owed car.

5) Financing also needs to be given due credit. On a pre-owned car, the interest rates on loans are higher than on new cars. This factor if looked into properly and if correct financing advice is received, the buyer can manage to get a good deal either way. So, it is highly recommended to look into this department correctly.

6) Warranty on the new or pre-owned car is also a point of difference. Once the buyer is aware of the kind of warranty being offered in comparison to either of the two options, it becomes easier to make the decision too.

Here are a few simple differences that can make all the difference to a buyer. Give it a read before making a decision that will stick with you for the next few years atleast!

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