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How Can A New Car Be Bought In India

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How Can A New Car Be Bought In India

Who doesn’t dream of owning a new car that caters to all needs possible and can easily pass off as a fashion statement in its own right?
Well, as easy as it sounds, buying a new car in India comes with a manual. Believe it or not, everyone you speak to will give their two cents on how a new car can be bought in India. We are here to make this struggle easy for you, so that when you are out and about to buy yourself a new car, you’re fully prepared.

Some basic things that you must ponder upon before you buy a new car in India are given below;

1) Know what you want – Be absolutely sure of what segment you want to buy a new car from. This cuts out the other options from the root, that could confuse you in the future.

2) Budget – Not only does this keep you on track with spending correctly, it also helps to make sure that you’re putting your money in the right vehicle too. Being budgeted with your car purchase helps narrow your search. Obviously, you will look only for the best in your decided budget, thus making sure you make the right choice.

3) Financing – Planning on how you would like to pay for your car makes it easier for you to look into options. How much down payment needs to be paid, loans available, EMI schemes, etc are options that come to the mind when deciding the financing. Usually dealerships help with the payment and financing, but prior research is a must in case you’re falsely lured into some scheme that isn’t the best option available for you.

4) Keeping a check on the credit score – Maintaining a good credit score increases the chances of getting better interest rates and deals, that in turn helps save some money too.

5) Research – Do a thorough background check and research on the car that you have your eyes set on. Visiting dealerships is one of the more important steps as a part of the research. Not only do you understand the car better with the help of the sales pitch, but also can zero down to your preferred choice of dealership based on the deals offered to you.

6) Research on trade-in value – Incase of a trade-in, go well aware of what your vehicle is worth and best possible price. This makes it easy for you to put forth your expectation and work around what suits you best.

7) Compare prices – Different portals and different dealerships offer different prices. Compare these prices to make sure you crack the best deal. A lot of times various discount schemes are also available. Make sure to know what is out there in the market, before closing the deal.

8) TEST DRIVE – You will never know how good your choice is till you don’t test drive the car. This gives a first-hand experience at the functioning of the car and a chance to figure out if there are any flaws or things that do not match your liking.

9) History – Research a little about how this car has worked for others and on the mother company. This gives an idea of what makes the car what it is. This can easily be a make or break for most people. For example, if the car of your choice has breaks that cause problems leading to accidents, then you know very well to cross that out of your list.

10) Repair, Warranty, Service – Make sure to know if the spare parts of the car are available in your country or what the repair costs look like. It is also essential you know how much damage control your warranty handles and locating service centers in your area. These tips really come in use when the post purchase is being handled by you.  

 Now that you know How can a new car be bought in India, what are you waiting for? Go book your favorite model of the car you have been eyeing for the longest time!