Hyundai is teasing its admirers with glimpses and sneak peaks of the new Kona and the first ever Kona N Line SUV’s. From the little that Hyundai has revealed, its evident that the New Kona is sportier, while the Kona N Line is the newest entry in the Hyundai Family. 

The Hyundai Kona electric SUV gets a bigger structure and an almost shark inspired front that makes it look classier. The DRL has been changed as well giving it a unique shape that does look very distinctive and futuristic. The bumper on this compact SUV makes for a protective front to the body.

The Kona N Line gets a more aerodynamic structure and a more boisterous body shape. The bumper and the low set air intakes make the front make the personality look almost combative. The fins on the corner and the crease lines compliment the front of the body.
From what has been revealed, both these cars are sure to grab attention and more details on them are awaited.

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