Mahindra Electric Mobility showcase MESMA 48 Platform globally

World Electric Vehicle day is celebrated on September 9, with this special occasion Mahindra launches its MESMA 48 platform

Marking a major shift from the current 48/72 Volt system of EVs in India, this 380 Volt modular powertrain is Mahindra Electric’s latest technology showcase.

MESMA stands for Mahindra Electric Scalable and Modular Architecture. The platform utilises cells from LG Chemicals and with its unique design, it can be adjusted to different lengths and widths to accommodate different kinds of vehicles including hatchbacks, crossovers, sedans etc., while retaining the high efficiency and high performance that it promises to deliver.

Created in India’s first electric vehicle innovation centre, the platform opens up a plethora of opportunities for Mahindra Electric to synergize with other Mahindra Group companies like Ssangyong, Pininfarina etc. and bring to market vehicles which are truly ‘objects of desire’.

Mahindra Electric Vehicles:

Mahindra eVerito

Lower cost of maintenance:

Zero-combustion model means fewer moving parts. That means less chances of parts failing and lower cost of maintenance.

Government Incentives :

The Government too believes that an all-electric, zero emission car is tomorrow’s movement towards better mobility solutions. It rewards you with a wide range of tax exemptions and benefits when you buy the eVerito

Mahindra e2oPlus :

Smartphone App Connectivity

The Mahindra e2oPlus comes with an app that you can install in your smartphone. Some of the features of this app allows you to lock/unlock the car, pre-cool your car, access the REVive feature and more.

Regenerative Braking

This technology allows you to charge your car every time you press the brakes. How is this possible? Each time you hit the brakes, or the times when you don’t use the accelerator, the kinetic energy of the car is converted into electric energy and charges the electric car.

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