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Skoda Cars

Skoda Rapid

  • (3.4/5)
upto 71,338

12,93,061 Onwards EMI starts from 21,655

Skoda Octavia

  • (4/5)
upto 60,398

22,34,805 Onwards EMI starts from 37,426

Skoda Superb

  • (3.5/5)
upto 1,27,810

29,56,146 Onwards EMI starts from 49,506

Skoda Kodiaq

  • (3.6/5)
upto 1,37,095

42,25,189 Onwards EMI starts from 70,758

Skoda Karoq

24,99,000 Onwards EMI starts from 41,850

Skoda Superb BS6

35,84,709 Onwards EMI starts from 60,032

Skoda Rapid BS6

8,81,087 Onwards EMI starts from 14,755

About Skoda

SKODA came into India in the year 2001 as a subsidiary of Skoda Auto. Its modern manufacturing facility in India has been set up in Shendra near Aurangabad, in Maharashtra. Skoda Auto India Private Limited currently holds around 67 dealerships and close to 74 service centers across India. The first vehicle to be launched was the Skoda Octavia, and at once the interest of the Indian market had been perked in Skoda cars. This was a premium sedan and the Indian crowd got to see high fuel efficiency, drivability and a refreshing physique all in one vehicle. It posed as a competition to all the vehicles in its segment and since then, there has been no going back. These vehicles are appreciated and sought after globally, just like it is, in India.

The cars available in India are;
- Skoda Superb
- Skoda Octavia
- Skoda Rapid

The durability and the make of these vehicles that sets Skoda cars aside from the rest and that has become evident over this period of time. It is no secret that the Indian streets are filled with Skoda vehicles and therefore it has become evident that they’re being widely appreciated and purchased. The cutting edge technology and inventions are reflected in their vehicles.

Skoda Auto India also produces high quality and environmental friendly vehicles that surpass the customer expectations along with meeting the specifications. To further promote educations and learning Skoda brand cars and engines have been donated to Industrial Institutes for training, which therefore enhances practical experience by practicing on latest car technology. They make sure to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility and give back to the society at large, along with providing a Bio-Medical Waste Management System that also fulfils their responsibility towards the environment.

The Skoda design source is the Czech Crystal glass art which combines gracefulness and functionality. The powerful shape is visible even to the lay man, and their vehicles automatically give a sense of superiority. Continuous changes and development go hand in hand with the changing times, therefore keeping pace with present requirements.

To sum it up, Skoda is certain to provide its 7 pillars of certainty to all their customers which lay the foundation to safety and security on the road. These 7 pillars are, Slip control system, engine design, suspension, steering, engine control unit, brake system and tyres. One thing assured with an association with this company is that, once you drive a Skoda, no other car will be good enough.