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Volvo Cars

Volvo S60

upto 15,00,000
33,55,932 Onwards EMI starts from 56,201

Volvo S90

upto 2,50,000
69,83,791 Onwards EMI starts from 1,16,956

Volvo V40

41,34,736 Onwards EMI starts from 69,244

Volvo XC60

upto 2,50,000
65,31,335 Onwards EMI starts from 1,09,379

Volvo XC90

upto 6,00,000
88,72,408 Onwards EMI starts from 1,48,585

Volvo V90

upto 5,00,000
78,45,504 Onwards EMI starts from 1,31,387

Volvo XC40

upto 2,35,000
54,10,867 Onwards EMI starts from 90,615

About Volvo

Volvo first introduced their cars to the world in 1927, in Sweden. They established their base in India only in 1998 as a fully owned subsidiary of Volvo, Sweden. The manufacturing plant of the Indian subsidiary is located at Hoskote, near Bangalore, where the heavy and commercial vehicles are assembled. The Volvo cars available in India are:
- V40
- S60
- XC90
- XC60

Volvo’s mission is to make the lives of the people easier, safer and lot less uncomplicated. Their focus orbits around their three core values, which are safety, quality and care for the environment. They want to protect what is important and take pride in their contribution to make the world a better place. Another important characteristic is the approach to sustainability. They take it up as their responsibility to limit their impact on the environment. They have developed less polluting Dive-E powertrains and have their personalized climate control system that works on cleaning the air inside the vehicle. Volvo also works on fulfilling their economic responsibility and therefor also concentrate on creating jobs, investing in infrastructure and future mobility, transferring technology and knowledge and contributing to the public sector.

They focus a great deal on principles which are stipulated in the Code of Conduct, i.e. based on policies which ensure that the business is conducted in an ethical and compliant way. This Code applies to everyone within Volvo cars, as well as consultants and agency personnel working under the direction of the Volvo cars. Volvo’s also aspires to be the world most progressive and premium car brand, and they are working really hard towards that dream. They believe in their global success by making life less complicated for people along with strengthening their commitment to safety, quality and the environment.

With powerful engines, futuristic technologies, sturdy cars and a commitment to the customers, Volvo has made its mark in the Indian Automobile market. Their vision and perseverance is like no other brand and therefore the customer support is easily achieved. They take pride in working hard and discovering new paths to making the world environment sustainable while providing nothing but the best for its customers. Volvo also supplies busses and trucks to India and they are one of the top few brands in that segment. It has posed a tough competition to the other brands and its services and quality ensures that it will continue to stay on the top.