Towards the end of July and the whole of August, there has been an evident increase in car sales. While we are not complaining, there is a pattern of buying nature that has peeked through. We are seeing a few brands that are topping these sales charts, and frankly we are not even surprised.
Honda City is competing against the Hyundai Verna and might we add, also winning!

Honda recently launched its fifth generation City in India and that included new updates and features. In the August of 2019, Honda sold around 1593 units of the City and in the August of 2020, we see a rise in sale to 2299 units. Hyundai on the other hand sold 1597 units of the Verna in the August of 2019 and 2015 units in the August of 2020. Maruti Suzuki had sold 1597 units of the Ciaz in August 2019 and in the August of 2020, it sold around 1223 units, resulting in a 23% drop in sales. 

The other cars that were being sold were Toyota that sold 438 units of the Yaris, Volkswagen that sold 172 units of the Vento and Skoda that sold 697 units of the Rapid. 

Honda is topping the charts when it comes to the highest sedan sales. But what is also worth mentioning is that, sedan car sales on an average have gone down since the past few years. Honda City has been extremely popular and therefore, the sales have stayed somewhat maintained. Honda City competes with the Hyundai Verna and the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. But it will be interesting to see the way the all new Honda City performs. It is a high probability that the sales in Honda City purchases will increase in the months to come only because of the love and dedication it has received in the Indian Automobile market in the past.

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