PDI means Pre-Delivery Inspection and in this article, we educate you on the importance of pre delivery inspection and checklist. A few of the very important measures before the car is registered in your name and before the delivery of the vehicle.

Firstly, start by inspecting the car. It is extremely important to inspect the car thoroughly, internally and externally before taking the keys and making the car permanently yours. We suggest you do this in the day time because it’ll be easier to see better and difficult to conceal any kind of damages or repair work. Also make sure to check the VIN, i.e. Manufacturing date of the car. This is important because you’ll know whether or not you’re getting the car you paid for.

Once that is ascertained also check the odometer. Ideally the car should not have been driven for over 100 kms. Check the number plate and make sure it matches what has been promised to you. Also do ask for a demo of the car, to find out about features you may have missed or are not aware about. This will only help you know your car better.  

Before you take the car, look into the other documents also. It is so important to keep the paperwork in order and go through it thoroughly. This is one area where the sellers can easily take you for a ride because most people tend to overlook the documentation if everything looks and feels fine.
Go through the invoice to make sure that chassis and engine number are the same as that on the challan. Make sure you get a sales certificate, insurance documents, original warranty and PUC certificate.
Make sure you have a copy of the sales contact because that becomes proof of the dealer selling the exact same car that you have paid for.

Some miscellaneous details that you must look into before taking the car would be, getting a duplicate set of keys, warranty details of the batteries, etc, extended warranty details. It is also good to ask for the road side assistance contact details and details of the sales and service staff.

Last but not the least, take the car for a drive with the delivery agent or any authorized sales staff. This is important because you then know you’re getting exactly what you wanted and incase if there is some problem with the way the car drives, you can immediately bring it to their attention. This will no only save a lot of your time, but also help you from having to take accountability without actually having anything to do with you.

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