Kia Sonet OR Ford EcoSport ? News

Updated On: 2020-11-25T16:16:33

Kia Sonet OR Ford EcoSport ?

Kia entered the sub-4m SUV with the launch of the Sonet in September 2020. And with the launch, the Kia SUV has been a moment hit becoming the best-seller in its class. However, with the high demand, the waiting periods on the sub-4m SUV have also gone up to three months. So, if you’re willing to shop for a sub-4m and not willing to attend for the Sonet, can the EcoSport be a worthy alternative? Let’s determine .

Before diving into the detailed comparison let’s take a glance at dimensions:

The EcoSport is slightly longer and taller than the Sonet. It also features a longer wheelbase.

When it involves width, the Sonet has a foothold over the EcoSport.



The Kia Sonet offers two petrol engine options while the EcoSport only has one.

The EcoSport’s 1.5-litre engine is that the most powerful engine here but its the Sonet’s 1.0-litre turbo unit that creates the foremost torque.

The Sonet’s 1.2-litre is that the least powerful and also makes the smallest amount torque.

Both the SUVs here are offered with automatic drive options. Where the Sonet gets a 7-speed dual-clutch, the EcoSport is obtainable with a 6-speed converter automatic.

The Sonet also offers a clutchless iMT with its turbocharged 1.0-litre unit whereas the low-spec unit is merely present with a manual.

Engine1.2-litre1.0-litre turbo1.5-litre
Transmission5-speed MT6iMT*/7DCT5MT/6AT


Both the SUVs are offered with a 1.5-litre diesel producing identical 100PS. But when it involves torque, the Sonet takes the lead.

The Sonet also gets a more powerful version of the 1.5-litre engine but it’s offered with the 6-speed automatic only. It makes 15PS and 10Nm quite the quality 1.5-litre engine.

While the EcoSport gets a 5-speed manual transmission, the Sonet comes with a 6-speed manual unit. The Sonet is that the only SUV here to return with an automatic drive with the diesel

 Kia SonetFord EcoSport

Kia SonetFord EcoSport
1.2 HTE Rs 6.71 lakh 
1.2 HTK Rs 7.59 lakh 
1.2 HTK+ Rs 8.45 lakhAmbiente Rs 8.19 lakh
1.0T HTK+ 6iMT Rs 9.49 lakhTrend Rs 8.99 lakh
1.0T HTX 6iMT Rs 9.99 lakhTitanium Rs 9.78 lakh
 Thunder Rs 10.68 lakh
 Titanium+ Rs 10.68 lakh
1.0T HTX+ 6iMT Rs 11.65 lakhS Rs 11.23 lakh
1.0T GTX+ 6iMT Rs 11.99 lakh 
1.0T HTK+ 7DCT Rs 10.49 lakhTitanium AT Rs 10.68 lakh
 Titanium+ AT Rs 11.58 lakh
1.0T GTX+ 7DCT Rs 12.89 lakh 
HTE Rs 8.05 lakh 
HTK Rs 8.99 lakhAmbiente Rs 8.69 lakh
HTK+ Rs 9.49 lakhTrend Rs 9.49 lakh
HTX Rs 9.99 lakhTitanium Rs 9.99 lakh
HTX+ Rs 11.65 lakhTitanium+ Rs 11.18 lakh
 Thunder Rs 11.18 lakh
GTX+ Rs 11.99 lakhS 11.73 lakh


The Sonet is our pick here. It offers tons more features over the EcoSport and therefore the premium it attracts for these features is justified in our opinion.

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