Making sure that your car is in the best shape is no longer a necessity. It is a duty. Some people make sure that their vehicle is in the best shape, while some seem to take it for granted. By the time this group of people come to realise it, it is already too late. Which is why it is essential that your vehicle is give the respect and care it deserves. From the very beginning.

Some of the measures that could be adopted in order to ensure your car is in the best shape are given below. Now, some of these measures be slight time consuming, while the other can look like they can be given a miss. But it is important to know that more the effort, more the efficiency, life span and durability of your car. Make sure to go that extra mile to get the best out of your car.

1) Having a service schedule and keeping a service history is one of the biggest favors that you can do to yourself and your car. this ensures that you’re UpToDate when it comes to your car’s health and further help lengthen the life span.  

2) DON’T procrastinate on the mechanical issues. Make sure to get them checked as soon as an inclination arises that something might be wrong with your car. The longer you wait, higher the probability of affecting the other parts and leading to more issues.

3) Make sure that only original spare parts are used in your car. Cheaper alternatives not only damage the health of the car, but also probe as a safety hazard.

4) It can be easier to wait for the petrol/diesel tank to be practically empty than to go to the pump and get a refill. But the smart thing to do would be to refill just when it reaches the 1/4th level. This will make sure that car doesn’t get used to running on an almost empty tank and pushing the dry tank to an extreme till it just gives up.

5) It can be extremely tempting to show off a new car by speeding, or simply giving into the urge of speeding on an empty road. But this habit-forming driving pattern can be too hard on your vehicle. Thus, affecting the mechanics. The potholes on the Indian roads pose as an enemy to your car anyway. Rash driving can further intensify the damage caused.

6) While making sure that only a safe driver drives your car, also ensure that the driver is alert and careful of the condition of the car. Many a times people take for granted how they may be treating somebody else’s vehicle.

7) Don’t load up on the boot or passenger space. It can be unsafe, while also hampering with the strength and unnecessarily pushing the vehicle to its maximum boundaries.

8) Ensure that your car is clean. On the inside and the outside. We don’t realise the importance of keeping our car clean and underestimate the power of a good car wash. Not only is it appealing to the eyes. But the driver also wants to go an extra mile (not literally) to make sure he drives the car well, in order to match the outer cleanliness with the inner mechanism.

9) Basic precautionary measures like slowing on speed breakers, resisting over speeding, dodging the traffic, etc. can take your car a long way.

10) Adopt activities like oil change and checking fuel level for better functioning.


They say ‘You are as happy as you make your mind to be’, but we all know that a happy and well working car can bring the unbeatable kind of happiness.  
Practice these basic measures to ensure your car is in the best shape and thank us later.

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