Toyota Yaris Black Edition

Toyota Yaris Black Edition

The Yaris comes with first-in-segment 7 SRS airbags. These include driver + passenger units, side, curtain bags and knee airbag. This ensures optimum safety for you and your loved ones

The VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) feature of the Yaris effectively helps avoid side skids and loss of control, especially on steep curves. It makes use of the car’s brakes to cover over or understeering.

The Yaris features an advanced Antilock Braking System which helps bring a whole new world of safety to your driving experience. The feature helps the car maintain tractive contact with the road, preventing the wheels from locking up, effectively avoiding skids.

The reverse camera of the Yaris lets you keep an eye on the rear of the car, leaving those reversing problems behind you.

The air vents of the Yaris are strategically positioned to allow for optimum air channeling. This makes for uniform cooling to the front and rear passenger alike.

The Yaris steering wheel is intuitive in which it has all the controls to audio, phone, and the MID at the tip of your fingers. This makes your driving experience comfortable and without distractions.

Globally, Toyota has indicated a strong and diverse commitment to the pursuit of harmonious growth through its technically advanced and environment-friendly products. There have been relentless efforts in the crucial fields of mobility, city transportation, resources, society and environment, through research & development.

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